The Dream Nest Team

Welcome to Dream Nest, a place to find ideas and inspiration for home decor on a friendly budget!  We began this process to stray away from the typical 9-5 schedule in order to accommodate our husbands' busy schedules and to be there for our kids. We have both been blessed with three children and coincidentally they are all the same ages. Needless to say, we have learned to embrace the CHAOS!  

When you change your life drastically around to fit someone else's schedule, it's hard to find your own purpose.  Being a mom means changing diapers, cleaning spit-up, helping with homework, and getting everyone where they need to be in a timely manner. When is there time left for anything WE want to do?  But somehow we find it.  We find those minutes to spare after everyone has fallen asleep, before they have woken up, or even when we shamefully sit them in front of the TV to keep them quiet.  That brings us here, to an organized place, a place we can help you create your DREAM NEST.

Meet Renee & Kim


I love to create spaces that are cozy yet beautiful. I am passionate about helping people design gorgeous spaces that are inviting and livable.


Renee and I work so well together because we share the same passion.  My focus, much like hers, is to create spaces that are not only gorgeous, but a place you can really enjoy.  Home is only home if you can really spend your time there. 

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